EFC is a fish farming technology company that will establish a new type of land-based salmon farming. In collaboration with the sister company G2F we will significantly reduce the climate impact from aquaculture. 


EFC will link new improved RAS together with new clean technologies enabling production of food with significantly reduced carbon footprint as well as securing consumer safety and fish welfare. EFC is the owner of Lista Laks AS which will be the salmon producer, as well as the main owner of Gas 2 feed AS. EFC is now establishing a test facility at Hausvik, Lyngdal and full-scale unit at Lista (Norway). Hausvik is our test facility where the new concepts are verified, while Lista will, in commercial scale, demonstrate the full circular fish farming concept. The salmon from Lista will be sold under a new brand reflecting unique features being consumer safe, fish friendly, traceable and of low environmental impact. 


EFC cooperate closely with the sister company Gas 2 Feed AS for recycling CO2 into nutritional proteins used in the feed. Further both EFC and G2F cooperate closely with Hydrogen-pro for production of green hydrogen and oxygen to the fish as well hydrogen for the fermentation.

Our RAS design is simple and modular, which introduces a unique level of customizability for the producer. Every tank being self-sustained without interaction with other tanks increase production safety and eliminate the need for large common industrial housing. The area between fish tanks can be used for agricultural production or even bird habitats.