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Lista Project, located at Lista Airport, will be operated by Lista Laks AS, a subsidiary of EFC.

The first step is a facility of 6000-ton per year. This facility will demonstrate the full-scale efficient salmon farming. The plant will capture CO
2 from the fish tank and adding oxygen from electrolysis to oxygenate the fish tanks. At Lista, a demo-reactor for gas fermentation will be built to recycle CO2 into protein for the use in fish feed. This will be done by the EFCs sister-company Gas 2 Feed AS (G2F), in cooperation with NORCE Research.     

The expansion of the salmon production will be stepwise, by adding modules of 500 tons biomass per year, which is EFC's standard building module. Individual modules can be repeated unlimited times within the availability of land. This makes the EFC plants far more flexible than any other system and eliminating the need for a large industrial building, reducing investment costs by 30 to 50%.

The first plant will be built with an installed capacity of 6000 tons biomass per year. Further expansion will be stepwise by adding modules of 500 tons biomass per year which are EFC's standard building modules. This can be repeated unlimited times, within the available of land.
G2f modell.png

Gas 2 Feed

At Lista, we also intend to start using the captured CO2 to make protein through a fermentation process. This is done in cooperation with NORCE through a newly founded company, Gas 2 Feed AS (G2F) that is controlled by EFC AS and TM Holding.


Compared to conventional RAS plants, EFC's modular plants will represent a 40% saving on investment costs and 10% on operating costs.     

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