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NORCE is a major Norwegian research institute, with expertise within a wide range of fields of research. NORCE delivers research and innovation within energy, health care, climate, the environment, society and technology. NORCE works towards finding solutions that benefit the community, and which increase sustainable value creation nationally and globally. NORCE will be an important technology provider for Gas 2 Feed AS, and is a shareholder of Gas 2 Feed AS through the fully owned subsidiary Norce Innovation AS.


Sintef AS

SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations. Every year they carry out several thousand projects for customers large and small.


Queen's University of Belfast

Queen's is a driver of innovation and talent based on excellence. We are globally connected and networked with strategic partnerships across the world, helping them to expand our impact on wider society locally, nationally and globally.


Seafoodchain AS

SeafoodChain functionality enables data-capturing and -monitoring from all parts of this supply chain; from a fisherman’s smartphone app or the extraction of data from fish egg production plant – to automatic IoT sensors, Computer Vision, ERP-Plugins, Business Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Marketplace.


Opt-E AS

Opt-E As provides a scalable digitized control system for energy-optimal pump and fan operation. In a smart and systematic way, SmartSave® reduces energy consumption and costs. They provide technology contributing to the "green shift", saving your company a lot of costs as well as reducing environmental impact.


Lister Nyskaping AS

Lister Nyskaping AS offers expertise, networks, attractive meeting places and interaction arenas for companies in Lister. They connect companies to relevant professional, research, development and investment environments, as well as public policy instruments. They are often involved in regional business and community projects.

Ocean Farm Holding AS


The focus of the Ocean Farm Holding AS is to be quality supplier of innovative aquaculture productions and become an important player for the development of sustainable aquaculture in the region. Ocean Farm Holding AS is the parent company of several companies that run aquaculture production on land and at sea. Landbasert Akvakultur Norge AS:, farms high-quality cleaner fish (lumpfish, and ballan wrasse) at Hausvik, Lyngdal. Further OFH work with low-trophic production such as Seaweed, as well as fry production of flat oysters.



HydrogenPro’s electrolysis technology supplies high-performance, zero emission Hydrogen to help reach production and sustainability goals all at the same time.

Versatile, scalable solutions and low operating and maintenance cost mean efficient and effective solutions. With the market’s largest high-pressure alkaline electrolysers, HydrogenPro’s solutions will contribute to a decarbonized society.

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